Agile Defense System (敏捷防御系统)

Would you like to learn a new fighting style? 
A style that aims to achieve the highest possible internal balance, but also, if necessary, to achieve optimal combat performance. If yes - than try the Agile Defense SystemThat modern style is based on the best practices of traditional Martial Arts schools. In the initial period of learning, you will learn some elements of Taijiquan and Wushu enriched with Qigong methods. After reaching advanced level, you will start the path in which you will learn the techniques of using the Stick (such as Bo or Jo), the Chinese Sword and the Japanese Sword (Katana). 
At the same time, you have a chance to get an official confirmation of your skills after passing the appropriate exam. The Agile Defense system is distinguished between beginner grades (Level 1 to 6), advanced grades (Duan 1 to 5) and master grades (Duan 6 to 10).