Six Healing Sounds - Liu Zi Jue (六字訣)

The Six Healing Sounds or Liu Zi Jue (六字訣) is one of the common forms of Chinese qigong, and involves the coordination of movement and breathing patterns with specific sounds.
The sounds:
  •   - 'deep sigh' or 'hiss' - Level the Liver Qi
  •   - 'yawn' or 'laughing sound' - Supplement the Heart Qi
  •   - 'to sigh,' 'to exhale,' or 'to call' - Cultivate the Spleen/Pancreas Qi
  •   - 'to rest' - Supplement the Lung Qi
  •  chuī - 'to blow out,' 'to blast,' or 'to puff' - Supplement the Kidney Qi
  •   - 'mirthful' - Regulate the Triple Burner Qi