Taiji Yangsheng Zhang Qigong (太極養生杖)

Taiji Yang Sheng Zhang QiGong – Exercise with Zhang (cane or stick). The Yang Sheng Zhang exercises were designed to improve the health and prolong life through the body and healthy mind. According to the book of Taoism, if Yang Sheng is practiced we will know how to avoid things that are harmful to the body and mind, gain health through proper diet and healthy lifestyle. When one is disease free, it is easy to delay aging and prolong life past the average lifespan. The goal is to prevent disease, prolong life, and ensure a happy, healthy and high quality life. With regular exercises, the correct use of natural herbal remedies, food therapies, and other healthy practices, each person can achieve the goal.
The cane, wand, stick or ZHANG that is used in this style, is the short one, usually 1.05-1.25 cm. long and 2.3 to 2.8 cm. wide - 4 feet 10 inches long and about 3/4 inch wide approximately.
This discipline follows the principles of the foundations of traditional Chinese medicine by balancing the Yin and Yang. The exercises are elegant, easy to learn, and suitable for people of all ages.
·       Boatman Rows with an Oar (Shao Gong Yao Lu)
·       Boat Rows Slowly (Qing Zhou Huan Xing)
·       Wind Kisses Lotus Leaves (Feng Bai He Ye)
·       Boatman Tows a Boat (Chuan Fu Bei Qian)
·       Iron Stick Clams the Sea (Shen Zhen Ding Hai)
·       Golden Dragon Wags Its Tail (Jin Long Jiao Wei)
·       Search for Treasure in the Sea (Tan Hai Xun Bao)
·       Qi Returns to Dantian (Qi Gui Dan Tian)